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Seafood Grille Menu PDF Print E-mail
Keegan’s uses the freshest
local products available.
Sun. – Thurs. 11am – 10 pm
Fri & Sat. 11am – 11 pm

Keegan’s frys with
zero trans fat oil.



Ceviche' Conch Salad, Fresh citrus & cilantro marinated 7.99

House Salad 3.79

Classic Caesar Salad w/fish, shrimp or chicken, add 5 bucks 5.99

Traditional Greek Salad Chopped, add a buck 8.99 w/fish, shrimp or chicken, add 5 bucks


Keegan’s She Crab Soup Cup 4.29 Bowl 4.99         Rich & creamy

Seafood Gumbo Makes New Orleans proud! Cup 3.99 Bowl 4.99

Oyster Stew Fresh oysters in a spicy cream broth 5.29


Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers Crabmeat & cream cheese...Yum!!! 6.99

Baked Artichoke & Crabmeat Spread Served w/ garlic bread 7.99

Key West Conch Fritters Lightly fried, served w/tropical island sauce 6.99

Key West Cracked Conch Served w/ lime mayo 7.99

Fried Calamari Served w/marinara sauce 6.99

Buffalo Shrimp (Hot or Mild) Served w/celery & bleu cheese 7.99

Buffalo Chicken Wings (Hot or Mild) Served w/celery & bleu cheese 7.99

Keegan’s Lump Crab Cake A generous portion of lump crabmeat 6.99

Louisiana Bayou Blackened Gator Tail Served w/spicy BBQ dipping sauce 6.99

Sesame Seared Ahi-Tuna Served w/ orange & soy sauces 8.99



Smoked Amberjack Fish Spread 100% Jack, Baby - the best you'll ever have! 6.99

Baked Octopus & Feta Cheese Baked in a terrine w/feta cheese & Greek hot peppers 8.99

Char Broiled Octopus Cooked & steeped in garlic, wine & herbs, then finished on top of a lava rock flame. Delicious! 9.99

Fresh Grouper Bites Only the best pieces make it here! 7.99

Shrimp Leones A Keegan's classic, made w/our popular parmesan crust and served w/spicy aioli sauce 7.99

Oysters Rockefeller The real thing...w/a touch extra from us 8.99

Baked Brie Cheese Dijon-almond crust, served w/fruit & bread 9.99



Oysters (Raw or Steamed) Plump Gulf oysters 1/2 Dz 4.99 Full Dz 8.99

Little Neck Clams (Raw or Steamed) from Florida’s Indian River 1/2 Dz 4.99 Full Dz 7.99

“U Peel Um” Shrimp Steamed w/a hint of seafood seasoning 1/2 Lb 8.99 Full Lb 14.99

Prince Edward Island Mussels Steamed w/wine, lemon and garlic 7.99

NOTICE Raw shell fish & undercooked beef or poultry may be a risk to your health.
Please use your judgment & knowledge of your health, when ordering these items.



Served w/lettuce & tomato & appropriate sauce w/choice of French fries, cole slaw or pasta salad

Our Famous Fresh Blackened Grouper Or try it grilled, fried or Buffalo-style (Hot or Mild) 11.99

Mahi-Mahi Blackened, grilled, fried or parmesan encrusted 10.99

Amberjack Blackened, grilled, or char broiled 9.99

Fried Oyster or Shrimp Po’Boy Lightly fried, served on a hoagie roll 11.99

Keegan’s Lump Crab Cake Best on the beach!! 8.99

Eastern Shore Soft Shell Crab ‘Yep’ the whole crab, seasoned and lightly fried 8.99

Pork Schnitzel Lean pork loin cutlet, coated w/our light crust, topped w/sauteed onions 6.99

Ultimate Beach Burger Thick and juicy. Better wear a bib!! (bacon or cheese, add 50 cents) 6.99

Chicken Breast Blackened, grilled, Jamaican jerk or Buffalo-style (Hot or Mild) 7.99

Crab-in-a-Pocket The whole pita bread stuffed full of our crab salad 8.99

Black Bean Burger For the vegetarian, topped with pico de gallo salsa 7.99


All dinners served w/choice of two sides  substitute a side salad a 1 dollar

Grouper Fresh from the Gulf - Can be blackened, grilled, char broiled or fried 16.99

Mahi-Mahi As you like it – Blackened, Grilled, char broiled or fried 15.99

Amberjack - Blackened, Grilled, char broiled or fried 15.99

Parmesan Encrusted Mahi-Mahi Topped with black bean salsa. Moist & delicious! 16.99

New York Strip Choice Center-Cut. Char grilled just how you like it! 16.99

Filet Mignon Choice Center-Cut. Wrapped with bacon 16.99

Monster Lobster Tail 1/2 lb. of succulent lobster meat, baked to perfection Single Tail 19.99
Twin Tails 35.99

Surf & Turf Choice of filet mignon or New York strip, paired with monster lobster tail 34.99

Chicken Breast Blackened. grilled or Jamaican jerk 13.99

Pork or Chicken Marsala Sautéed with mushrooms and Marsala wine sauce 14.99

Following Dinners served w/fresh local corn-on-the-cob & homemade cole slaw

Keegan’s Lump Crab Cakes Lump crab cakes w/Dijon sauce 15.99
Eastern Shore Soft Shell Crabs Seasoned & lightly fried 15.99

Fried Shrimp or Scallops One or both. Add Grouper, add 5 bucks 15.99

Fried Oysters Lots of oysters, lightly breaded 15.99

Alaskan Snow Crab Full lb. of crab, served w/drawn butter 15.99


Corn-on-the-Cob, Pasta Salad ,Vegetable-of-the-day (after 5pm)
French Fries, Homemade Cole Slaw, Baked Potato (after 5 pm)


Linguini w/Clams or Mussels Ajillo Shell fish steamed w/garlic & wine & a few other 16.99
ingredients to create the magic!

Shrimp Scampi Lots of garlic on this one, served over linguini 15.99

Vegetarian Linguini Primavera Fresh vegetables sautéed w/basil, garlic & wine, & parmesan 12.99
cheese w/a touch of cream (add shrimp or scallops or both, add 5 bucks)

Please note that while we try to keep this menu up-to-date, these prices are subject to market prices and can change without notice.



Key Lime Pie  4.99

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie 4.99



  Ages 12 and Under

 Grilled Cheese 3.95  

 Spaghetti w/Marinara 3.95

 Corn Dog 4.50

 Hot Dog 3.95

Hamburger 4.95 - Add Bacon or Cheese .75

 Fish Bites 5.95  

 Chicken Bites 6.95

Snow Crab 7.95

   All child meals come with a choice of French fries, vegetable of the day, corn on the cob, fruit cup or applesauce

**All prices subject to change

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