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Written by Management
Friday, 13 November 2009 14:00
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In 1985, the year I moved to St Petersburg, Florida from Lake Villa,
Illinois. That year I was going for my diver's license at the Indian
Rocks Dive shop near your restaurant. The two dive instructors at the
time invited me to dinner at your restaurant that recently opened, for
what they called an awesome Blackened Grouper sandwich. They said you
have to try this! So I did and I have to say it's the Best Blackened
Grouper sandwich ever!! AND, every time I went back the sandwich was
the SAME!!! EVER TIME!! A year later or so I brought a young woman with
me on a date who later became my wife, to try your Blackened Grouper
Sandwich. She was amazed how good it was! We went back quite a few times
to enjoy the Blackened Grouper Sandwich before we moved to the north to
Milton, Vermont in '87. We went back to the Tampa area for vacation in
2003. We couldn't wait to see if the restaurant was still there, and it
was!!! So we had our usual Blackened Grouper Sandwich. We were so amazed
and delighted that the sandwich tasted the same as we remembered!!!! You
have no idea how much we enjoyed it! After all these years we still
crave for the Keegan's Blackened Grouper Sandwich! We had blackened
grouper for dinner tonight and we thought of our dinner's out at
Keegan's. So we thought that we could check out your restaurant on the
internet. We found your still there!! That's great! We know for sure
that the next visit to the Tampa area we'll be stopping at Keegan's!!!

Thanks again for your great sandwich!!

Neal & Stacy Van Gemert

Milton, Vermont
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